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PAPE and shrink bags

Our range of shrink bags for meat and cheese are manufactured using innovative materials and technologies. They have a unique combination of very high mechanical strength with reduced film thickness, which significantly reduces waste.

At the same time, they have excellent weldability, which distinguishes them from other materials of this type offered on the Polish market. They are characterised by high shrinkage and barrier properties against oxygen and moisture. The material we use does not contain chlorine, which makes it less harmful to the environment. It has an internal EVOH layer, which further extends the shelf life of the products.

Its very high clarity and gloss allow for an aesthetically pleasing presentation of the packaged product. As one of the few film suppliers, we offer flexographic printing on the pouch on one or both sides, synchronised with the possibility of using 10 colours on each side, as well as advice and cooperation in graphic design.

Woreczki PAPE i termokurczliwe