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Stretch Films

In our latest offer we present our two innovative stretch films: ULT-C and ULT-U.

ULT-U has a number of features that make it one of the most advanced packaging materials of the new generation. It is one of the most durable packaging materials used for packaging all types of goods, including food packaging. It is designed to replace conventional 17, 20, 23 and 30 μm manual packaging materials. The weight benefits of using ULT-U film are up to 450 grams per pallet, which, when multiplied by the number of pallets packed per year, results in very significant savings.

The principle of the ULT-U film is simple: after the initial stretching during the wrapping of the load on the pallet, the film tends to return to its original state, making the load securely attached to the pallet and suitable for transport or safe storage.

Thanks to its physical and mechanical properties, it adheres much better to the load, preventing it from tilting during transport, moving in relation to the pallet, breaking the wrapping and damaging the goods. This also means that less film is used to wrap a pallet compared to standard stretch film, resulting in greater savings in the weight of film used for wrapping and the effort required to wrap the load with it. The improved puncture resistance and retention force, together with the lower stretch, enables ULT-U film to provide safer and faster load wrapping.

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ULT-C is recommended for use on high end, high speed automatic wrappers equipped with a pre-stretch mechanism. It has a 31-layer structure produced by unique nanotechnology, providing maximum load stabilisation, tear resistance and high elongation, with layer thicknesses measured in nanometres (10-9). It effectively protects the load during transport (even in harsh conditions with frequent or sudden braking), eliminating the risk of damage.

The incredibly strong and lightweight packaging material saves up to 50% of material compared to conventional film. The innovative film reduces the cost of packaging and securing loads by up to 50% compared to conventional wrapping film.

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