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Bottom and top films for reels

Flow-pack and flow-vac films

Polyamide and barrier films

PAPE and shrink bags

Cardboard packagings

Thermal and Decorative Labels


Full implementation
of the PET – PE film laminates

ULTIME provides complete solutions for food packaging. We specialise in a complete range of optimal packaging machines, packaging types and graphics options. We are currently offering a transition to new, environmentally friendly, recyclable and in some cases fully biodegradable packaging. The ecological trend, already present in almost every area of packaging, is a priority and we can offer modern solutions that reduce the weight of packaging and have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

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Many years of experience in the packaging industry

Top quality services

Short lead times

We consider every enquiry

Graphic designs

We specialise in graphic “outwear”
for all packaging materials: plastic bags,
labels, boxes, and others. We have the most
experience in creating high quality flexographic
overprints on films and laminates.
ULTIME turns your packaging into an invitation to buy!


We offer flexible packaging production services
using offset and flexo printing. Offset printing
is a unique variable format printing technology.
Flexographic printing is recommended
for printing on film packaging. We offer high technical
and technological standards.

Packaging design tool

We have launched a convenient
and intuitive application that allows you
to easily view your designed or finished
packaging in 3D. Using the application,
you can accurately visualise the entire
packaging including the overprint.

Innovative film and carton packaging

Druk opakowań

Overprinting on films, bags and laminates, HD flexo and rotogravure

Przykładowe opakowania

Polyamide and barrier films

Zdjęcie opakowań

Thermal and decorative labels

Maszyna do pakowania

Bottom and top films for reels

Opakowanie produkty

PAPE and shrink bags

Strechowanie opakowania

Stretch films

Zdjęcie zapakowanych produktów

Flow-pack and flow-vac films

Zdjęcie opakowań kartonowych

Cardboard Packaging

Grafika folii do recyklingu

Recyclable films


Our company’s quality policy is implemented through
Each order is treated as a special challenge. We support our customers at every stage of the relationship, from the initial consultation through the order process to delivery.

1 Fast and reliable order processing

2 The ability to hold a reserve of stock

3 Comprehensive service from design to delivery

4 Innovative design solutions

5 Expert advice and guidance

6 Reliability and responsibility

7 Quick response to changing customer needs

8 Most advantageous business solutions

9 Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements